Where is Crossroads WiFi available?
Within a 10 mile radius of the following locations: Hardeman County

How fast is the service?
Several packages are available, with download speeds between 1.0 mbps – 2.0 mbps.

Is Crossroads WiFi expensive?
NO. Starting at only $39.99 per month for the affordable package, the service is comparable to the cost of a dial-up account. Installation fees are extra.

Do I need a phone?
NO. In fact, save your money and disconnect your second line.

Will I need a separate Internet Service Provider?
NO. If you like, you can keep your current email, ISP or AOL service, although you must pay their fees separately. We recommend getting a free email account from Google’s gmail.

How does Crossroads WiFi work?
Crossroads WiFi’s proven state-of-the-art technology connects your home or small business computer to the internet via wireless radio at 2.4 GHz. It’s that simple.