• $39.95 DATA PLAN – 2 Mbps Download/512 Kbps Upload
  • $59.95 VIDEO PLAN – 3 Mbps Download/512 Kbps Upload
  • $79.95 PRO PLAN – 4 Mbps Download/1 Mbps Upload
  • $99.95 GAMER PLAN – 5 Mbps Download/2 Mbps Upload
  • **Negotiated rates for packages 10/2  and above where available (Call for Pricing)!!

Note: A one time fee of $129.95 + tax is required upon a successful installation of Internet service. All packages include unlimited data usage, and there is no annual contract required. Customers may cancel their service at anytime without a termination fee. There is no charge for our installers coming to your residence or business to perform a signal check.

1st month’s service plan fee is due at time of installation.

After the 15th of each month we will pro-rate that month and include the next month’s service charge. All fees are due the same day of your installation.

You will need a working PC or Tablet at install location.

For best user experience, please insure your devices are in good working condition with the latest updates of your preferred operation systems.

Wireless Coverage

A clear line of sight is desired for installation of service. Check for trees or buildings blocking your view to the nearest tower and be prepared to show the installer where you want the service located inside your house. Depending on the situation, a successful connection may be obtained with no clear line of sight.

Wireless Routers

Crossroads’ install technicians will gladly provide a wireless router, unless you have one of your own or choose to purchase your own. The normal cost for the router, setup and installation is $69.00 + tax.


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