NEW! Plans and Pricing

  • $39.95 DATA PLAN – 2 Mbps Download/512 Kbps Upload
  • $59.95 VIDEO PLAN – 3 Mbps Download/512 Kbps Upload
  • $79.95 PRO PLAN – 4 Mbps Download/1 Mbps Upload
  • $99.95 GAMER PLAN – 5 Mbps Download/2 Mbps Upload
  • **Negotiated rates for packages 10/2  and above where available (Call for Pricing)

Advertised Speeds and Speed Tests

The industry standard with all Internet Service Providers is not to guarantee advertised speeds to any subscriber, unless that subscriber has, say, a dedicated fiber optic connection from the Internet provider to the subscriber’s premises. This is the case even with the major Cable, DSL, Mobile or Satellite Internet Service Providers.  The phrase that the industry employs is “best effort” toward the speed purchased. Likewise, Crossroads Wifi offers to its customers a “best effort” (all things considered) of the advertised speeds per package above.

The reason for this is obvious. There are multiple factors that can inhibit speeds that you may register with a given device on websites that “test” speeds (e.g. Traffic on the internet passes through many other parts of the World Wide Web’s infrastructure: i.e. switches, routers, cables, other computers and so on. More importantly, the wireless environment (RF Noise) in your home or business often times is the real culprit causing “slow speeds,” or the device itself (e.g. a computer or laptop with a virus or malware) may cause a slower than expected test result.