What are Crossroads WiFi’s office hours? 

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon.-Fri. Closed on Weekends and Holidays.

Is there an emergency contact number?

Yes. After 5:00 and on nights, weekends and holidays (731) 472-0097

Where is Crossroads WiFi available?
In Hardeman County, North Central Mississippi and Eastern Fayette County

How fast is the service?
Several packages are available with download speeds between 1.0 mbps – 2.0 mbps.

Is Crossroads WiFi expensive?
NO. Starting at only $39.99 per month for the data package, the service is comparable to the cost of a dial-up account. Installation fees are extra.

Do I need a phone?
NO. The service has nothing to do with mobile broadband or telecommunications companies.

How does Crossroads WiFi work?
Crossroads WiFi’s proven state-of-the-art technology connects your home or small business to the internet via wireless radio from one of its nearby tower locations. Think of Internet traveling by two-way radio.  It’s that simple.